06 October 2022,   12:12
We are not a government that ignores the interests of kids and leaves them on the streets - Kakha Kaladze on illegal constructions

We are not a government that ignores the interests of kids and leaves them on the streets. Such a statement made today the Mayor of Tbilisi.

“The seizure of land on the state territory and the implementation of illegal constructions on it is categorically unacceptable. We will not let this happen. Lawlessness cannot be legalized. Namely, I would like to address the families of children: those who are in illegally constructed buildings today and are afraid to stay on the street, I promise you that you will not be left without care.

In the first stage, we will rent the living spaces for you. If you are really homeless, we will help you collect the paperwork, get the relevant status and then, you will be given municipal housing. Despite many provocations and attempts to blame us for what we will never do, we are not a government that puts the child"s interest aside. For us, a human has always been, is, and will be the main starting point.

We have repeatedly made statements about what we can do for families who are in need, homeless, and living in poverty. We take responsibility to enable you to live in a normal environment. We have programs that provide citizens with temporary housing rentals. At the same time, work is underway to give them the homeless status if they are really homeless.

I am not talking about people who have three-by-three cars, lands, and houses in different regions. I’m talking about those who do not really have a home. None of the homeless Tbilisians will be left without housing. Everyone will be given municipal housing. We already have about 400 homeless families and over the next four years, everyone will be satisfied with the apartment. I will fulfill my pre-election promise. The process has already begun. Several families will be provided with housing this month and this will continue in the future”, - said Kakha Kaladze.