30 September 2022,   14:30
Ukraine is under attack because of its own principles - Department of State

Brutal attack that is endangering the lives and livelihoods of millions of civilians. Such a statement made today the Spokesperson of the U.S. Department of State.

“The American people are standing with the people of Ukraine as they suffer an unjustified, unprovoked, and premeditated attack by Russia’s military forces. It’s a brutal attack. It’s a brutal attack that is endangering the lives and livelihoods of millions of civilians. We will not falter in our resolute support for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

This is a dangerous moment for Europe and really for freedom-loving people everywhere. Putin’s assault on Ukraine is an attack on the principles that undergird global peace, stability, and security the world over.

But Putin didn’t account for everything, and he didn’t account for the bravery and resolve of the people of Ukraine. We commend the Ukrainian people for showing strength and determination in response to an unprovoked attack by the Kremlin. We have seen Ukrainian soldiers demonstrate incredible bravery in the first day of self-defense: shooting down Russian aircraft, firing at tanks, and holding many of the positions while under violent assault.

The Kremlin continues to use disinformation, including false reports alleging – again, falsely – the widespread surrender of Ukrainian troops. Moscow is resorting to outright lies in an effort to weaken the resolve of Ukraine’s military and of its people. We also are witting of reports that the Russian Federation plans to threaten to kill the family members of Ukrainian soldiers if they do not surrender. These tactics are classic intimidation; they are synonymous with the Kremlin; they are unacceptable.

This isn’t the first time, of course, Putin has decided that his country can attack another country with impunity.

Moscow’s further invasion of Ukraine is part of a pattern of the Kremlin’s destructive behavior. The Russian Federation, of course, invaded Georgia in 2008. It continues to occupy territories within Georgia’s borders, and for decades it has stationed troops in Moldova without host government consent.

Tomorrow, the United States will join Ukraine in solemnly marking the eighth anniversary of Russia’s 2014 invasion and brutal occupation of Crimea – a flagrant disregard for international law as well as Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. The United States reaffirms, as we always have: Crimea is Ukraine”, - said Ned Price.