25 June 2022,   14:00
Police arrested 2 people connected with the “thieves’ world”, 3 people charged in absentia, and 1 person charged at penitentiary facility

The officers of the Central Criminal Police Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, as a result of active complex investigative activities and operative-investigative measures carried out together with the General Prosecutor"s Office, arrested G.K. (DoB 1995) and L.M., (DoB1990).

L.Ch. (DoB 1983) was charged in absentia for being a “Thief in Law”, Z.Kh. (DoB 1988), with “membership of a thieves’ world”, and G.Kh. for the appeal to “Thief in Law”. As for D.J. (DoB 1983), he was charged with “membership of a “Thieves’ world” at the penitentiary facility.

The investigation established that the accused had learned about the winning of 216,963 GEL by Citizen D.U. in one of the online casinos. The mentioned persons, in order to receive benefits, arranged the so-called criminal skirmish. D.J.- a member of the “Thieves’ World”, contacted Z. Kh. a member of the “Thieves’ World” residing abroad, and L.Ch., a “thief in law”, who decided that the sum won by D.U. should not be allocated without his reference.

After the mentioned, supporters of the “thieves’ world” - L.M. and G.K. informed D.M. regarding the “decision” made by the “Thief in Law” and the obligation to adhere to the made decision. They guaranteed their patronage to D.M. by which detainees contributed to the illegal activities of the “Thieves’ World”.

As a result of the search, the police seized computer equipment, a large amount of cash and mobile phones from the accused persons, through which they connected with each other and the “thief in law” residing abroad.

The committed crime envisions from 7 to 15 years in prison.

Investigation into the facts of membership of the “Thieves’ World”, being a “Thief in Law”, appealing to a member of the “Thieves’ World” and supporting the activities of the “Thieves’ World”, is in progress under articles 223 (1) parts I and II, article 223 (3) part II, article 223(4) part I envisioned under the Criminal Code of Georgia.