29 June 2022,   01:22
Putin knows where he is leading the country - Peskov

Russian President knows where he is leading the country, his press secretary Dmitry Peskov said.

“We are confident that we will win, Vladimir Putin knows where he is leading the country”, - he said, referring to the war with Ukraine.

Peskov noted that any war ends in peace, and the voice of Russia will be heard, “we will confidently stand on our feet”.

He once again stated that “Russia tried to shout to the West and agree on new security principles, but they didn’t listen to it very much”. In particular, the United States has become a state hostile to Russia.

According to Peskov, the very existence of Russia is an irritant for the collective West.

“If the state does not show perseverance, just like an individual, if the state does not show principles on the main issues of existence, just like an individual, this state loses its independence, loses its sovereignty, sovereignty”, - he added.