29 June 2022,   20:24
Macron asked Zelensky to make concessions on Ukraine’s sovereignty, other European leaders had made similar statements - Mykhailo Podolyak

French President Emmanuel Macron asked President Zelensky to make concessions on Ukraine’s sovereignty. Other European leaders had made similar statements, advisor to the Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Mykhailo Podolyak told Radio NV (Novoe Vremya).

“These statements made not only by Macron, but also by other European politicians are weird to hear. They say: even though you lost many civilians in this war, your infrastructure is ruined, and they strike against city centers and residential areas, do consider making concessions on territory, so that [Russian dictator Vladimir] Putin, an important figure for European and global affairs, could save face”, - Podolyak said.

Ukraine will not agree to those suggestions, the advisor to the presidential chief of staff said. Here are at least three reasons why.

“First, there is no way that the Ukrainian society could accept those demands. Second, any concession made to Russia and the Russian political elite so that they could save face, will mean Minsk 3 – a war postponed for a year or three. Europe’s political elite has to understand that as they make such statements. We will not accept that consciously. Third, even a small concession to Russia will encourage it to make more demands”, - he explained.

Europe has to take a more correct stance on putting an end to the war. Not concessions to Russia, but priorities for Ukraine need to take center stage, Podolyak proceeded.