25 June 2022,   03:05
New public transport routes to be added in Tbilisi from June 4

5 new bus routes and 3 new minibus routes will be added to public transport in Tbilisi from June 4. Such a statement made today Mayor of the capital.

“The additions will seek to reduce traffic intervals on certain routes. The City Hall was constantly monitoring the situation with the goal to improve transport services.

New bus routes include: N293 bus for Didi Dighomi, N294 bus will replace N444 minibus, N295 bus will replace N546 minibus, N296 bus will replace N544 minibus and N297 bus will replace N425 minibus.

As for minibuses, new routes are as followed: N425 minibus will serve Metromsheni, N444 minibus will serve the Tbilisi Sea area settlement, N546 minibus will run from Ikalto Hill Street to the metro station Technical University.

The replacement of minibus routes with buses seeks to increase capacity for the previously underserved directions”, - said Kakha Kaladze.