09 August 2022,   11:40
Turkish businessman detained in special operation in Batumi

Officers of the Investigative Service of the Ministry of Finance arrested a Turkish businessman, director of the Metro City company, Galif Ozturk in Batumi.

The special operation lasted for more than 5 hours.

As a result of search and seizure activities conducted on the basis of a court ruling at G.O.’s residential address, along with other material evidences, a large amount of money was seized, presumably narcotic and psychotropic substances were also found, therefore G.O. was detained under the first parts of Articles 260 and 261 of the Criminal Code of Georgia, which envisages imprisonment up to 6 years.

It should be mentioned that Ozturk is the Head of Metro Holding, which owns the largest tourist facilities in Batumi. Among them are the 455-room hotel Euphoria, Intourist, Metro Sky Tower and Business Legend.