13 August 2022,   19:41
European Parliament backs granting candidate status to Ukraine and Moldova, EU Perspective for Georgia

The European Parliament has supported granting candidate status to Ukraine and Moldova, Ukrainian media reports and adopted a relevant resolution.

The document was supported by 529 MEPs, 45 went against and 14 abstained.

The text of the resolution also mentions Georgia and says that it should also become a candidate after it implements the necessary reforms.

At the same time, the resolution insists that there is no “fast-track” for EU membership and that accession remains a merit-based and structured process, which requires EU membership criteria to be fulfilled and is dependent on the effective implementation of reforms.

The Parliament invites the authorities of Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia to “unambiguously demonstrate their political determination to implement the European ambitions of their people”, accelerating reforms to effectively fulfill the criteria for EU membership as soon as possible.