13 August 2022,   19:18
One of the clearest arguments why we deserved more is the blood we shed, this decision was unfair - Prime Minister on candidate status

One of the clearest arguments why we deserved more is the blood we shed - we fought three times against the Russian army and this decision was unfair, they should not have done that. Such a statement made today the Prime Minister of Georgia during his speech at the opening ceremony of the wounded fighters’ week in Tserovani.

“We understand that these days have been quite emotional, and I would like to share my vision with you, something I have already discussed publicly along with my concerns. One of Georgia"s more prominent arguments why we deserve more, and why this kind of treatment is wrong and unfair, lies in the facts listed by me, such as the blood shed by us, our fight, war. We have fought against Russian troops three times since regaining independence. In 2008, you, our armed forces, exhibited exemplary heroism.

We are not vying with anyone else’s army, but we Georgians have survived thanks to two forces: our faith, creed, Church, and our army, our people, our unyielding spirit. Unfortunately, some are questioning these today. Of course, I am not envious of anyone"s success. On the contrary, I am happy for Ukrainians, Moldovans, and everyone else, but Georgia deserves more. And if any of these three countries deserves it, that must be Georgia. However, it is also understandable, dear friends, that a different kind of conjuncture is found in the world today, and different, complex processes are underway, something that we must take calmly and keep pressing on, empowering our country and army, protecting our country and people, to make sure that our main dream comes true sooner, meaning the day when we will meet in a unified, undivided, and strong Georgia.

This must be our nation"s unifying idea. I avail myself of this opportunity to express gratitude to the United States of America, representatives of the US Embassy, the Defense Attaché, everyone sincerely assisting our army, the cause of empowering our armed forces, those who have been engaged in the relevant reforms over the years. This amazing center, for example, was financed by the US Government, built with our co-financing. Thank you once again for this, and thanks to all partners sincerely assisting our country and our army”, - said Irakli Garibashvili.