12 August 2022,   07:19
According to some media sources, certain groups plan to disrupt the events planned for the “pride week”, each case of violation will be followed by the legal response - MIA

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia would like to inform the public regarding the preventive measures planned by the agency in connection with the events announced within the frames of “Tbilisi Pride” week.

In order to hold the closed events in a safe environment, planned within the frames of the “Tbilisi Pride” week, representatives of the MIA are in constant communication with the event organizers.

With the involvement of the representatives of the MIA, as well as representatives of the United Nations, “Tbilisi Pride”, local and international organizations, the Office of the Public Defender, and the diplomatic corps, a number of work meetings have already been held to conduct the “Pride Week” in a safe environment.

The MIA will take all appropriate measures to ensure that closed format events planned by “Tbilisi Pride” are held in a safe environment, maintain the rule of law and protect the freedom of expression and assembly of each person during the week that will not exceed the limits guaranteed by law.

Herewith, it should be noted that according to some media sources, certain groups plan to disrupt the closed events planned for the “pride week”.

The MIA condemns violence of any kind and calls on the groups opposing “Pride Week” to adhere to the law, follow the rightful demands of the police, and not to exceed the limits of the right to assembly and manifestation permitted by law. If otherwise, the police will act in accordance with its mandate, each case of violation will be immediately foiled and followed by the strict legal response.