19 August 2022,   11:29
Georgian Dream offers aggression in response to the idea of ​​national consent - Badri Japaridze on Kvareli incident

Aggressive groups organized by the Georgian Dream were deliberately trying to obstruct a meeting with the population in Kvareli municipality. Such a statement made Badri Japaridze, one of the leaders of the Lelo party.

“We wanted to provide population of Kvareli information about the idea of ​​national consent, implementation of the recommendations set by the EU.

We were met by an aggressive group organized by the Georgian Dream, which did everything to prevent this meeting with insulting shouts. Everyone has been identified. They are civil servants and active members of the Georgian Dream headquarters. Local police chief and his deputy were also in this group, and what these people committed is a crime, because they interfered with our political activities.

In response to the idea of ​​national consent, the Georgian Dream offers confrontation, aggression, attack. We, of course, refrained from responding, as this provocation was organized precisely for that, in order to make us respond and film it and then portray it as a confrontation with the population”, - said Badri Japaridze.