19 August 2022,   11:57
ECHR declares Bacho Akhalaia’s lawsuits inadmissible

European Court of Human Rights has issued a ruling in the case of Akhalaia v. Georgia, declaring the lawsuits inadmissible as they were ill-founded. Such a statement released the Ministry of Justice.

“The plaintiff - Bachana Akhalaia - argued before the Strasbourg court that the measure of restraint applied against him in various criminal cases in 2012-2014 - detention - was illegal, as the total term of detention exceeded the maximum term prescribed by law - 9 months. The applicant also alleged that his detention had not been duly substantiated by the national courts and served the purpose of politically motivated persecution.

According to the European Court, the applicant’s detention was in full compliance with Georgian law and practice. The Strasbourg court found that there had been no deliberate delay in the investigation or any arbitrariness by the investigating authority/prosecution or the court.

The Court also clarified that the decisions of the Tbilisi City Court regarding the application of the measure of restraint were duly substantiated in accordance with both Georgian law and European standards.

The court clarified that since the allegations concerning the lawfulness of his detention were manifestly ill-founded, the applicant’s position as if his detention was politically motivated should also be declared inadmissible”, - reads the statement.