19 August 2022,   13:04
Radical opposition and NGOs responded to the Georgian Dream’s plan to meet EC’s 12 recommendations with destructive actions - Irakli Kobakhidze

Radical opposition and the non-governmental organizations responded to the Georgian Dream’s fresh plan to meet EC’s 12 recommendations with destructive actions. Such a statement made today the Chairman of the ruling party.

“The rally that involved the opposition and citizens in Tbilisi on Sunday had shown that the topic of European Union membership candidate status is used as a “cover” by the opposition for its narrow political goal of overthrowing the Government and seizing power again.

Yesterday, the radical opposition once again showed its true anti-state nature. In addition, yesterday, even the [previously existing] formal boundary between the United National Movement and the richest NGOs operating in Georgia was finally erased.

The UNM, with its youth radical wing civic movement Shame - an organiser of the demonstration - and satellites in Georgian NGOs would never gain support of the people, because there was no truth on their side.

The Georgian Dream had last week presented to the public the Government’s “detailed plan” for the implementation of the 12 conditions established by the European Commission for granting the EU membership candidate status to Georgia. The radical opposition and related NGOs had responded to the plan with destructive actions”, - said Irakli Kobakhidze.