07 October 2022,   09:12
We call on media outlets and political leaders to refrain from spreading unverified information - Ministry of Defence

The Ministry of Defence issued a statement and responded to the TV story that was aired by the Mtavari Arkhi.

“We want to respond to the absurd and purposefully spread disinformation against the Ministry of Defence and the Defence Forces. Mtavari Arkhi aired a TV story claiming that the Ministry of Defence allegedly sold the personal files of reserve officers to the special services of Russia. Later the United National Movement and its satellite parties, based on the mentioned disinformation, tried to earn political points.

This information is false. In particular, after the dismissal of military servicemen from the defence forces, their personal files are not kept in the material form in the structural units of the Ministry or Defence Forces. The personal files are sent to the relevant structures of the municipalities.

The personal file of Mikheil Kamkhadze was sent from the Ministry of Defence to the relevant district commissariat and is kept there. It is impossible for reserve officers’ personal files to leak from any agency. The relevant service will establish whether the documents shown in the media the personal file of the military officer and how they were found in Ukraine.

It should be noted that Mtavari Arkhi requested information from the Ministry, however, the journalist and the UNM did not wait for the answer and chose to spread disinformation, which indicates that they wanted to achieve narrow partisan goals at the expense of the Georgian military.

Unfortunately, the Mtavari Arkhi and the UNM continue their targeted disinformation campaign against the Ministry of Defence and Defence Forces.

We call on media outlets and political leaders to refrain from spreading unverified information. Such misinformation only creates tension in the society, whereas there is no basis for it”, - reads the statement.