07 October 2022,   10:25
Senaki City Council was left without a Chairman - the District Court of the city satisfied the lawsuit of Georgian Dream

The Senaki District Court confirmed today it’s ruling that the election of Irakli Kacharava, a member of the For Georgia party, as Chairperson of the Senaki Local Council (Sakrebulo) in February was illegal.

With this decision, the judge fully upheld the lawsuit of Georgian Dream, by which the ruling party demanded the annulment of the decrees on the election of the chairman of the City Council, the recognition of the authority of the member of Giorgi Gakharia’s party, and the election of commissions.

Kacharava was elected on 23 February by the United National Movement and For Georgia.

Prior to the decision, the Local Council had been unable to elect a chairperson since neither the Georgian Dream nor the opposition had the necessary majority in the 33-member body.

Following the 2021 elections, the ruling party secured 16 seats in the Council, UNM - 13, and For Georgia – 4. When For Georgia party member Ilia Akhalaia refused his mandate and left the opposition with 16 votes, however, a stalemate was created in the Senaki Local Council with neither side able to elect a Chairperson.

The situation changed on 9 February, when opposition MPs decided to recognize the authority of Akhalaia’s deputy, Nikoloz Shamatava to replace Akhalaia. Members of the Georgian Dream and staff of the Local Council stated then that the opposition had violated the law.