08 December 2022,   11:15
Several persons broke into Melia’s office and tried to create a provocation using offensive, street terminology - what happened in the UNM office?

The United National Movement released a statement and brushed off the reports of controversy inside the party.

According to the opposition party, was a confrontation between the Chairman of the UNM and Giorgi Mumladze, a member of the Movement for Georgia.

“Giorgi Mumladze and several persons accompanying him broke into Nika Melia’s office and "tried to create a provocation using offensive, street terminology, which was prevented by party members.

Besides, during Melia’s interview with the Public Broadcaster, Mumladze and his group intentionally went to the television to provoke and verbally abused the driver of Nika Melia, in the presence of the employees of the Public Broadcaster and security police officers.

We were not going to talk about these topics publicly because they are not issues that concern the public and do not concern the serious challenges in the country, however, since a few people decided to spread false information for their own personal goals, we agreed that it was necessary to state the position of the main opposition party.

The strategy of the “Russian Dream” is to create hopelessness and nihilism in society. For this purpose, they repeatedly tried to organize provocations and confrontation in the opposition parties. It’s a pity that the steps and statements made by the above-mentioned people intentionally or unintentionally serve the interest of the Dream”, - reads the statement of the United National Movement.