04 December 2022,   02:02
UNM proposes imposition of GEL 1 000 occupation fee for Russians entering Georgia

The United National Movement is proposing imposition of the obligation to pay the “occupation fee” for the citizens of Russia, who come to Georgia.

As MP Levan Bezhashvili said, the occupation fee should be 1000 GEL for each citizen.

“Our faction has an initiative to introduce changes in the law on occupied territories. The payment will guarantee the recognition by Russian citizens that the territory of Georgia is occupied by Russia and that Russia is the aggressor. At the same time, this fee should become a deterrent factor, so that if they do not want to recognize the occupation and refuse to pay money, they will not be allowed to enter Georgia. According to today’s statistics, about 280,000 citizens of Russia are already in Georgia. In the last 10 days, about 80,000 people have entered, therefore, with the introduction of this fee, we will have quite significant budget revenues, which will be used for the needs of the displaced persons”, - said the MP.