01 December 2022,   23:49
Italians living in Russia should consider leaving the country - Italian embassy in Russia

The Italian Embassy in Moscow, Russia, issued a security alert urging Italians in Russia to leave the country if their stay isn’t necessary, in a statement that read:

“Considering the most recent evolution of the international context and the growing difficulty in air and road connections out of Russia, compatriots present in Russia are recommended to evaluate whether the stay is necessary and, if not, to leave the country.

It is becoming progressively more difficult to travel by air from the Russian Federation to Italy and other third countries. In particular, these days there has been a dizzying increase in the already high cost of tickets sold by airlines and there are reports of long queues at some border crossings that connect the Russian Federation with some neighbouring countries.

In consideration of the continuing closure of the airspace to flights from Russia ordered by the EU last February 27, it is strongly recommended to all compatriots present in Russia to plan travel abroad as much as possible in advance.

Those who need to leave the Russian Federation are advised to obtain the tickets available from commercial companies as soon as possible”.