08 December 2022,   10:54
Protests against military draft resume in Siberia - 20 women detained in 5 minutes

The police of the Republic of Tuva (Russia) detained nearly 20 women within just five minutes, as they participated in a protest rally against “partial mobilization”.

An all-women rally was held in Kyzyl, the capital of Tuva, in the Arata square; the participants chanted such slogans as “No to genocide!” and “No to mobilisation!”.

The protest was interrupted by the police. The local media report that the participants are being fingerprinted, and their personal information is being recorded.

In the video, which Siberia.Realii managed to retrieve, three policemen are taking a woman away from the square by force, even though she was ready to leave willingly. A mother with a child in a stroller was detained as well; they were taken to the police station.