27 November 2022,   13:28
Russian rocket attack on hospital in Kharkiv kills 1 doctor

In a rocket attack, Russia caused major damage to a hospital in Kharkiv, northeastern Ukraine, killing at least one doctor, local officials said, writes aa.com.tr.

An anesthesiologist died and a nurse was injured by the rocket strike in the city of Kupyansk, the governor of the local military administration, Oleg Sinegubo, said on social media.

He said the hospital was badly damaged and that rescue teams continue their work.

“Kupyansk. The main building of the city hospital is under fire. The doctor was killed, the nurse was wounded”, - President Volodymr Zelensky wrote on his official Telegram channel.

“The enemy continues to mercilessly terrorize the civilian population. But every occupier must clearly remember. Retaliation for every strike at our cities, at our people is inevitable. The judgment day for the rashists will surely come”, - he added, using a word mashing together “Russia” and “fascism” to criticize the policies of President Vladimir Putin.