08 December 2022,   11:30
Health condition of Mikheil Saakashvili - lawyers and doctors of the former president held a joint briefing near “Vivamedi”

Lawyers and doctors of Mikheil Saakashvili held a joint briefing near “Vivamedi” after visiting the former president.

“A number of examinations have been conducted. Starting from spinal examination to functional brain examination and also various types of neurological studies.

All examinations show an acute deficit of all the vital indicators that a normal person, under normal healthcare, should not have. The information about the examination and the laboratory in which the research was conducted are confidential”, - said the American expert Shahin Lakhan.

“It is impossible to draw concrete conclusions and say what is wrong with the President until I see him in person. I have not seen my patient.

Today I received a notification that I will be admitted tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. I have postponed my ticket and am still waiting to get approval tomorrow morning. I’m waiting for the green light to see my patient”, - added another foreign expert James Cobb.