04 December 2022,   03:04
Vladimir Putin’s decree on the illegal seizure of the nuclear plant is null and void - MFA of Ukraine

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine called on international partners to respond to Russia’s attempt to take control of the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant (ZNPP) after annexing the territory of Ukraine where it is located.

In the statement from the agency, Vladimir Putin’s decree on the illegal seizure of the nuclear plant is null and void. The move is condemned as a crime that “further increases the risks and threats in the field of nuclear security caused by the Russian occupation of the ZNPP”.

“We suggest that the European Union, the G-7 countries and other partners urgently consider the introduction of sanctions against the Russian state corporation Rosatom, its affiliated companies and institutions, as well as other key factors of Russia"s nuclear energy industry”, - the Ministry said.

It also calls on the members of the International Atomic Energy Agency “to limit cooperation within the scope of any projects with Russia, which is resorting to undisguised nuclear blackmail of the whole world”.

The Ministry notes that all those involved in the occupation of the ZNNP will be held accountable, and called on Russia to “ensure the safety and integrity of Ukrainian citizens who continue to perform critical functions at the nuclear power plant”.

On Wednesday, October, 10, Russian president signed a decree declaring the ZNPP seized by the occupiers will be handed over to Russia. Since Ukraine does not recognize the annexation, this decision actually has no force.