04 December 2022,   03:39
All the songs of Pugacheva were removed from the air of “Russian Radio”

There are no songs by Alla Pugacheva on the air of Russian Radio, since the singer stopped releasing new tracks that would meet the needs of the audience. The position of the press service of the “Russian Media Group” leads RIA Novosti.

“Her songs have not been on the air of Russian Radio for a very long time, and this is due to the lack of new songs by the singer that would meet the needs of our audience. As for the disappearance of performers from the air of other radio stations, this is their own business and broadcast policy”, - the message says

A similar opinion was expressed by the leadership of the European Media Group, which includes the radio stations Retro FM and Road Radio.

“When forming a playlist, music editors of radio stations are guided by top charts, special studies with focus groups and, of course, hit parades, in which listeners themselves vote for the songs they want to hear on the air. The current format of each radio station, therefore, is formed on the basis of the preferences of the audience”, - said Anton Korobkov-Zemlyansky, head of the holding’s press service, adding that Primadonna’s tracks released 20 years ago still include.