08 February 2023,   04:11
For Russia to be held to account for aggression, a Special Tribunal is needed – Zelensky

For Russia to be held to account for aggression, a Special Tribunal is needed. Such a statement made the President of Ukraine.

“We are already cooperating with many countries and international organizations so that every Russian murderer receives the deserved punishment. We have already established cooperation with the International Criminal Court and will increase it.

But, unfortunately, the available international legal instruments are not enough for justice.

Even in the International Criminal Court, it is still impossible to bring the highest political and military leadership of Russia to justice for the crime of aggression against our state - for the primary crime. The crime that gave birth to all other crimes of this war - and not only after February 24, but also from 2014. That’s when it all started.

For there to be responsibility for aggression, a Special Tribunal is needed - in addition to the International Criminal Court. And we are doing everything to create such a tribunal.

Today, the address of the First Lady of Ukraine to the Parliament and the people of Great Britain was dedicated to this task exactly.

Olena"s visit to the United Kingdom is currently underway. And on behalf of all Ukrainian men and women who suffered from Russian aggression, she called on Great Britain to become a leader in global efforts to establish a Special Tribunal for the crime of Russian aggression against Ukraine and to restore justice.

The British have this experience, it is part of our shared historical memory. In the winter of 1942, when no one could predict when World War II would end, it was in London that representatives of the Allies signed the Declaration of St. James’s Palace. The document that started the path to the Nuremberg trials, that is, to justice after that war”, - said Volodymyr Zelensky.