08 February 2023,   04:08
GITA has revealed the winning startups of the ninth stage of the 150,000 GEL co-financing grants program

Projects for improving efficiency in small and medium-sized businesses, reducing cost of management, promoting healthy lifestyle and more have been unveiled as winners of the Georgian Innovation and Technology Agency’s [GITA] grant programme.

GITA revealed 20 winners had been singled out to be granted GEL 150,000 each. Projects had been identified by a committee staffed by high-level international venture investors.

SMART APP, Marlin, Forma healthy, FlexUp, Stori AI, Awork, Ordero, Colis, eConsul, Omoi, Upway, Ranko, CALEN AI platform, Lawformer, Better Energy Solution, Mens.ge, Proxymeta Labs, Medik, Carusell and SPOTs “modular farm” were named as the ultimate winners of the grant project.