09 February 2023,   00:25
Despite numerous requests, we didn’t receive a response from the Georgian government regarding the supply of weapons and other equipment to Ukraine - Andrii Kasianov

Despite numerous requests, we have not received a response from the Georgian government regarding the supply of arms, ammunition, and other military and dual-purpose equipment to Ukraine. Such a statement made today Andrii Kasianov, Ukraine’s Charge d’Affaires in Georgia.

“We have always been honest and open in our intentions. We still believe that Ukraine’s appeal for military aid to its brother Georgia at a time when the conversation was about existence, life and death, was completely justified, fair and necessary, because at one time, the Ukrainian government helped in the evacuation of Georgian IDPs in the mountains of Svaneti, provided the strongest humanitarian aid to Georgia in 1993, as well as military-technical and political assistance in 2008.

It was also justified and necessary to organize the transfer of dedicated Georgian brave men to Ukraine, who decided to protect our countries from the common enemy – Russia.

Also, we reject any accusations against Ukraine of trying to drag Georgia into a war with Russia. We are very concerned about the constant accusations and speculations on this topic in the internal politics of Georgia.

Ukraine still needs weapons, ammunition and military equipment. Many European countries have taken advantage of this opportunity - to get rid of and provide us with obsolete weapons and ammunition, the shelf life of which was approaching the limit of use and required significant financial resources for their utilization.

This is emphasized by the President of Ukraine during multilateral and bilateral speeches with partner countries. In his speech at the G20, which has now become the G19, Volodymyr Zelensky emphasized that while Russia is interested in aggression, we should be interested in ending terrorism.

I thank all our partners who provided us with anti-aircraft and anti-missile systems. This allows us to shoot down a significant part of missiles and Iranian drones”, - said Kasianov.