22 March 2023,   10:37
The increase in solving of crimes is unprecedentedly high and exceeds 62% - Aleksandre Darakhvelidze

The increase in solving of crimes is unprecedentedly high and exceeds 62%. Such a statement made today the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Aleksandre Darakhvelidze.

“We would like to introduce you to the data on the crimes registered throughout the country in 2022. Last year, compared to 2021, the number of crimes decreased by 3.39% (-1908 facts), including serious and especially serious crimes, such as:

Attempted murder;
Severe damage to health;
Unlawful deprivation of liberty;
Theft, including apartment theft, etc.

It is necessary to mention the increase in solving of crimes, which is unprecedentedly high and exceeds 62%.

The data has already been published and is available to any interested person on the information portal of the Ministry of Internal Affairs: info.police.ge.

Here we will introduce you to one news - the Ministry of Internal Affairs has studied the best practices of European countries, according to which a new form and terms of publishing a number of statistical data have been developed.

It is known to everyone, that in accordance with the interest in the society, the Ministry of Internal Affairs systematically publishes such information as:

Crime statistics;
Information on administrative violations;
Data on crossing the state border of Georgia;
Domestic violence statistics;
Number of traffic accidents;
Information on issued driving licenses;
Many other data related to the activities of the Ministry.

It is noteworthy, that the methodology of processing crime statistics does not change, however, the deadlines change and the data to be published become more detailed.

The main purpose of this change is to improve the analysis of crime statistics.

Through the practical analysis, it became clear that in the process of detecting a criminal fact by the law enforcement officers, then opening the crime and starting the prosecution, there are often cases when the period of one month is not enough for a complete analysis and conclusions.

The new rule of publication was approved by the order of the Minister of Internal Affairs, it is public and anyone can get to know in more detail on the website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The order was formulated as follows:

Statistical data of registered crime, indicating the type of crime, specific articles and opening rate, will be published 4 times a year, quarterly.

It is noteworthy, that the data of all the listed categories will be published after the end of each year, in a summary form.

The change in the form and terms of publication of data by the Ministry of Internal Affairs will not affect the standard of proactive publication of public information determined by the resolution of the Government of Georgia, the rule of requesting public information in electronic form and the list of public information to be proactively published.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs, in order to ensure the transparency of its activities, declares its readiness to process and inform the public of any information belonging to its competence, which will be of general public interest, taking into account the available resources“.