24 March 2023,   11:24
EU Parliament will vote to lift two MEPs’ immunity on Thursday - Politico

The European Parliament’s legal affairs committee voted unanimously to lift the immunity of Andrea Cozzolino and Marc Tarabella, two European lawmakers caught up in the Qatargate corruption scandal, paving the way for a final vote by all MEPs on Thursday, writes Politico.

Adrián Vázquez Lázara, the Spanish Renew lawmaker who chairs the committee, tweeted that the committee had voted on the fate of both MEPs with 23 lawmakers in favor and none against in each case. The Parliament must revoke the legal privilege MEPs enjoy in order for Belgium to investigate and potentially charge the lawmakers.

Manon Aubry, the co-leader of the Left group in the Parliament and lead MEP on both dossiers, told journalists the committee vote came “without surprise” and that the entire Parliament will hold a final vote Thursday on waiving the two lawmakers’ immunity.

“I hope we will have a similar vote and it’s the proof that justice can do its work,” she said. A second person in the room confirmed the plan to finalize the immunity waiving on Thursday.

Cozzolino and Tarabella face being formally investigated by Belgian authorities as soon as the vote happens Thursday.