22 March 2023,   20:54
Nearly 90% of voters will vote in the 2024 parliamentary elections using electronic technologies

Nearly 90% of voters will vote in the 2024 parliamentary elections of Georgia using electronic technologies. In those polling stations where technologies will not be applied, ballots will be digitalized. The Central Election Commission (CEC) made the relevant decision at the meeting held today and defined the election precincts where the elections will be held using electronic means in 2024.

The 2024 elections, except for the cases stipulated by the law, will be held using electronic means at all the polling stations of all self-governing cities and the territory of the administrative centers of the municipalities of self-governing communities.

Also, at polling stations in the territories of mentioned municipalities (except for administrative centers of municipalities) where the number of registered voters exceeds 300 voters and at the same time the distance between the relevant Precinct Election Commission (PEC) and the District Election Commission (DEC) does not exceed 20 km. In those election precincts where there will be no electronic ballot counters, the PEC will convert the ballots into a digital format using appropriate electronic devices while counting the votes in the manner determined by the CEC decree. The digital version of the ballot papers will be placed on the internet according to the polling stations, and any interested person will be able to see them.