22 March 2023,   20:00
Patrol-inspector Gela Kvashilava won legal dispute against TV Pirveli in the Supreme Court for spreading false information

The Supreme Court of Georgia, as a result of the substantive discussions, left the decision of Tbilisi City Court and Tbilisi Court of Appeals unchanged, according to which TV company “Pirveli” was ordered to deny the false information spread against Patrol – inspector, Gela Kvashilava and pay compensation in his favor for moral damages. The decision is final and not subject to appeal.

According to the court’s decision, the information spread by “TV Pirveli” regarding Patrol-inspector, Gela Kvashilava was defamatory and slanderous. The court ordered TV Company to pay moral damages to the Patrol- inspector and broadcast information regarding the court decision.

On January 30 of 2021, TV Company “TV Pirveli” accused Gela Kvashilava, the unit commander of Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti Main Division of the Patrol Police Department under the Ministry of Internal Affairs, of drug trafficking. The same TV station published his photo, even though the author of the story was informed by the Department of Strategic Communications of the Ministry of Internal Affairs that the information was false.

All three instances of court ruled that Gela Kvashilava had nothing to do with drug trafficking, whereas “TV Pirveli” was aware that the obtained information was incorrect and however, misled the society on purpose.