06 June 2023,   02:56
Long-term peace in Europe will only happen when Ukraine gets victory - Zelensky

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky addressed the EU Parliament in Brussels Thursday and appealed for European Union membership as he called for more modern tanks and long-range missiles for Kyiv.

He says “Ukraine is fighting, Ukraine can protect its independence”.

He says it’s only fair Ukraine takes part in meetings of European leaders and that Ukrainian language is part of the European Parliament.

He says there has been a closed meeting and the message was that “long-term peace in Europe will only happen when Ukraine gets victory” and when it becomes part of the EU.

Zelensky thanks the people of Europe again for their support and giving refuge to Ukrainian people “who were trying to protect their children from the bombs”.

“The European values are real - thank you for everything friends. That’s the only way I can address you, friends”.