06 June 2023,   04:17
Russia likely suffering highest casualties since first week of full-scale war - UK Defense Ministry

The U.K. Defense Ministry said in its latest update on February 12 that over the past two weeks, Russian forces have likely suffered their highest casualties since the first week of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

Ukraine’s Defense Ministry said on February 12 Russia had lost 137,780 troops in Ukraine since the beginning of its full-scale invasion on Feb. 24, with some 900 lost over the previous day alone. On Feb. 11, the General Staff estimated 1140 Russian personnel losses, one of the highest figures since Feb. 24.

Although the U.K.’s Defense Intelligence cannot verify Ukraine’s methodology, the trends are likely accurate, the report said.

According to the update, the average for the last 7 days was 824 Russian casualties per day, over 4 times the rate reported in June-July 2022. Ukraine also continues to suffer a high attrition rate, the ministry said.

The uptick in Russian losses is likely due to various factors, such as a lack of trained personnel, coordination, and resources across the frontline, including in Vuhledar and Bakhmut in eastern Donetsk Oblast.

Ukraine’s intelligence claims that Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered his troops to fully occupy Donetsk Oblast, about half of which is currently under Russian control, by March.