06 June 2023,   03:32
Thousands of Israelis strike in protest against a judicial reform

Tens of thousands gathered in front of the Israeli Parliament to protest against the government’s planned judicial reform, chanting “No to judicial reform, save Israeli democracy”, writes Euronews.

“We will not stay quiet as they destroy everything that is precious and sacred to us”, opposition leader Yair Lapid told protesters.

Benjamin Netanyahu and his government are proposing a reform which seeks to limit the powers of the courts. He claims the legislative changes would rein in alleged judicial corruption, increase diversity on the bench and curb what he perceived to be “activist judges”.

However, protestors say he is merely trying to avoid prosecution and seeks to weaken Israel"s Supreme Court, which many Israelis consider the last bastion of their democracy.

Netanyahu’s critics say the proposed reform will damage the country’s fragile system of democratic checks and balances.

They also say the PM, who is on trial for corruption charges, is motivated by a personal grudge against the legal system and has a deep conflict of interest.