04 June 2023,   11:39
85 Georgian rescuers leave for Turkey for rotation to aid quake victims

A new group of 85 Georgian professionals left for Turkey’s city of Adıyaman worst affected by the deadly quake, for the rotation, to replace the rescuers on the site and ensure aid for the country in its frantic rescue efforts.

According to the Georgian Emergency Management Service, the heads of the operating groups carrying out the search and rescue operations in Adıyaman, as well as the specialized rescuers, would continue working at the site, with Teimuraz Mghebrishvili, the head of the Georgian Emergency Management Service, coordinating their actions in cooperation with the operational control center of the city.

The new group of emergency workers had been trained in rescue and firefighting operations, the body said, adding the team was also equipped with modern acoustic devices, drones, and communication vehicles.

Shortly after the disaster on 6 February, Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili instructed to deploy Georgian rescuers in quake-hit Türkiye.