06 June 2023,   03:47
European Commission officially presents 10th package of sanctions on Russia

Ursula von der Leyen, the president of the European Commission, has officially suggested the tenth package of sanctions against Russia.

“First, we offer further export restrictions that are worth more than €11 billion in order to deprive the Russian economy of crucial technologies and industrial goods.

It refers to products that Russia cannot replace with goods from other countries: electronics, special transport vehicles, car components, lorries and planes components, and construction materials that can be used by Russian soldiers.

Second. We will keep restricting the export of dual use and technological goods. We offer export control over 47 components that can be used in Russian weapons, including drones, missiles and helicopters.

The EU decided to include bodies of third countries used by Russia to go around the sanctions for the first time. The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps provides Russia with Shahed drones for attacks on Ukraine’s civilian infrastructure. Therefore, we are adding seven Iranian bodies to our list. The EU is ready to keep imposing sanctions on countries that supply Russia with important technologies.

I call on the member countries to approve this new package of sanctions fast. Our goal is to have another [portion of] significant sanctions by 24 February, a year after Putin started his imperialistic war”, - said von der Leyen.