06 June 2023,   04:04
Moldova - Parliament approves new government under pro-Western Prime Minister Dorin Recan

The Parliament of Moldova approved seasoned politician Doreen Rechan as prime minister to lead a government committed to reviving the economy and charting the path to joining the European Union.

A majority of 62 deputies, in the 101-seat parliament, approved the new government with their vote after hearing the program positions presented by Rechan.

48-year-old Rechan was nominated by the country’s president Maya Sandu to replace Natalia Gavrilita whose government resigned after a tumultuous 18-month period marked by economic turmoil and alleged Russian meddling.

“We want to live in a safe world where international treaties will be respected, where problems between countries will be resolved through dialogue, where there will be respect for small states”, states the government that he proposed in its program positions and adds: “we want to be full members of the EU”.

Rechan is an experienced politician who has served in various senior positions in the Moldovan government and has also served as secretary of the Supreme Security Council. He was interior minister from 2012 to 2015 under two prime ministers and was the first civilian to hold the position.