06 June 2023,   00:47
This is the largest war in Europe in decades, I’m sure Ukraine will win - Joe Biden

The US president Joe Biden went to Kyiv for a surprise visit. This is his first trip to Ukraine since the beginning of his mandate. The US president announced half a billion USD of additional assistance to Ukraine. Biden, speaking with Zelensky said the package would include additional supplies of military equipment, including artillery ammunition, Javelins and howitzers.

“The world stands with Ukraine. The Russian president thought he could divide the West and outlast us but now I think his opinion has changed. I think he planned it all wrong and we have proof of that now in this room. Russia’s goal was to wipe Ukraine off the map but it is failing. More and more young people are fleeing Russia because they do not see any future in that country. The Russian economy is under water right now, are isolated and in serious trouble.

The one going on in Ukraine is the largest war in Europe in three quarters of a century and Ukraine has managed against all expectations to resist. You have succeeded, against all expectations, except yours. And I’m sure you will continue to win”, - said the US president.