06 June 2023,   04:34
Contest for selection temporary members of DECs is called

A contest was called to select temporary District Election Commission (DECs) members. Today, a briefing on the subject was held at the Central Election Commission (CEC). According to Natia Ioselianai, CEC Spokesperson, the preparatory process for the 29 April elections is actively underway at the Election Administration (EA).

“Our priority is to conduct all electoral processes openly and transparently during by/extraordinary elections. One of the first and integral parts of this process is selecting temporary members of DECs. Therefore, we began accepting applications for filling vacant positions in all 10 DECs, today. Maximum transparency in candidate selection and open and live interview broadcasting with candidates for DEC membership, will be ensured this time and based on the practice established in the Election Administration in recent years. Stakeholders and interested sides will be able to observe interviews on the CEC’s official social networks. We call on stakeholders to actively get engaged in the process. Cooperation with stakeholders on this specific topic and other occasions of electoral process are essential for the EA, as the 29 April election is critically important in the electoral history of Georgia.

As for the contest"s details, it is called to select temporary members in the following DECs: №12 Gurjaani, №19 Tianeti, №37 Akhatsikhe, №45 Tsageri, №49 Terjola, №57 Tkibuli, №59 Kutaisi, №64 Senaki, №66 Khobi, and №70 Poti. There are three vacant seats per district. We call on interested persons to be active and timely send the contest’s documentation.

Please note that hard copies of application can be sent today and tomorrow at the Central Election Commission, including 18:00, also through a special E-submission platform (Konkursi.cec.gov.ge). Please see detailed information on the CEC official webpage; for more details, call Contact Hub at 2 51 00 51”, - said the Spokesperson.