06 June 2023,   02:35
Police arrested 4 people on the fact of group extortion of a large amount of property

The employees of the Central Criminal Police Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, as a result of the operative search measures and investigative activities, arrested 4 persons convicted in the past, based on the judge’s decision.

The following persons were detained for group extortion of a large amount of property and group violence: L.G. (DoB1980) and A. Ch. (DoB 1977) nicknamed “Buffalo”, and for failure to report a serious crime - L.B. (DoB 1979) nicknamed “Kudala”.

G.M (DoB 1971) was arrested on charges of illegal purchase and possession of narcotic drugs.

The committed crimes envision up to 7 years of imprisonment.

The investigation established that on January 20, 2023, the defendants - A.C. and L.G., tricked an acquaintance - P.C. into a residential house in Zahesi, where they handed over 300 grams of narcotic drug, gave him 2 weeks to sell it, and demanded to hand over the money obtained from the sale of the drug. Otherwise, they threatened to harm P.C.’s life and his family members.

As P.C. did not comply with the demands of the defendants, A.C. and L.G. forcibly took him by car to Dighomi, which was driven by L.B. On the way, the defendants threatened P.C. with torture, burning and liquidation of him and his family members and physically abused him. The perpetrators let P. Ch. go on the condition that 20,000 GEL should be deposited into A.C.’s bank account within a few days, otherwise he, his young son, wife and mother would be liquidated.

LB, who witnessed the crime committed by A.C. and L.G. did not report the incident to the law enforcement officers.

Based on the judge’s ruling, the law enforcement officers made a secret audio-video recording, as a result of which the illegal actions committed by the detainees were confirmed.

As part of the ongoing investigation, the police, during the search of the apartment of G.M.- a person involved in the mentioned criminal case, seized a large amount of “marijuana” as evidence.

The investigation is being conducted in accordance with Article 181, sub-paragraph “A” and “C” of the Criminal Code of Georgia, Article 126 (1), sub-paragraph “B” Article 376, part I and Article 260, which implies group extortion of large amounts of property, group violence, failure to report serious crimes, and illegal acquisition and possession of narcotic drugs.