06 June 2023,   04:15
Great Britain introduced sanctions against the mother of Alina Kabaeva

Great Britain expanded the sanctions list on February 24, including 92 people and companies. In particular, personal sanctions were introduced against the mother of Olympic champion Alina Kabaeva Lyubov.

Many investigations call Alina Kabaeva the mother of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s children. Before the war, Western countries did not include his family circle in the sanctions lists, explaining this by not wanting to provoke Moscow into retaliatory actions.

On February 24, the former bodyguard of Putin, the governor of the Tula region, Alexey Dyumin, the former head of the Russian government, Viktor Zubkov, who now heads the board of directors of the state-owned Gazprom, Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak, the head of the Ministry of Statistics Maksu Shadaev, an old acquaintance of Putin, the general director of the operator, appeared on the sanctions list of Great Britain on February 24. “Severnoy Potok-2” Matthias Varnig, top management of “Aeroflot” and defense “Almaz-Anteya” and “Rostech”.

Restrictions have been introduced against the banks “St. Petersburg”, “Uralsib”, “Bank Zenit” and “MTS-Bank”, it is prohibited to import electronic components, aircraft parts and radio electronics that could potentially be used in military production.