04 June 2023,   11:50
"Gazprom" has increased the pumping of gas to Europe through Ukraine to 39 million cubic meters - Kommersant

The volume of gas pumped through Ukraine to Europe, February 26, will amount to 39 million cubic meters, said the official representative of “Gazprom” Sergei Kupriyanov, writes Kommersant.

“The pumping will pass through the Sudzha gas measuring station (GIS). The day before, February 25, the pumping volume amounted to 38.1 million cubic meters.

In May 2022, Ukraine refused to pump gas through the Sohranivka GIS, which is located on the territory not controlled by Kyiv. Prior to that, a third of Russia’s gas supplies to Europe passed through it. In 2022, Gazprom supplied an average of 41-42 million cubic meters through Ukraine daily. On January 4, Gazprom sharply reduced the volume of gas supplies via this route, and the pumping was increased for the first time on February 1. On February 22, Gazprom restored gas flow through Ukraine to last year’s level”, - reads the article.