01 June 2023,   12:39
Police arrested 1 person in connection with the incident in Batumi Boulevard

Employees of Adjara Police Department under the Ministry of Internal Affairs, as a result of the investigative and procedural actions, within the framework of the investigation of the fact that took place in Batumi Boulevard on March 12 of the year, detained one person - E.A. (DoB 1958).

The investigation established that due to the strong wind, the trampoline overturned, as a result of which two minors on the instalation were injured, one of them - D.P. (DoB 2014) died due to the sustained injuries. Another citizen was also injured during the accident.

As a result of investigative actions, it was determined that the accused person was responsible for safety and compliance with the rules of operation of the trampoline, although he failed to ensure the fulfillment of the assigned obligations.

The investigation is being conducted under Article 240, Part II of the Criminal Code of Georgia, which implies a violation of the safety rule, leading to the loss of human life.