29 September 2023,   10:39
Air Force says 36 drones shot down overnight in Ukraine

Russia launched 36 Iranian-made Shahed-136/131 drones against Ukraine overnight on May 25, according to Ukraine’s Air Force. All the drones were reportedly shot down by the Ukrainian military.

Russian troops likely aimed to strike critical infrastructure and military facilities in Ukraine’s western regions, the Air Force wrote. It didn’t mention if any of those facilities were damaged. Ukraine’s Southern Command reported destroying three drones over Mykolaiv Oblast and one over Odesa Oblast. There were no hits in the regions, added the command.

One more drone was shot down over western Chernivtsi Oblast, according to the regional governor Ruslan Zaparaniuk. He said the details of the overnight attack will follow.

Earlier, Kyiv City Military Administration head Serhii Popko said that Russian forces had targeted the Ukrainian capital for the 12th time in May.

The air defense shot down all drones that were moving toward Kyiv, he said, without specifying the amount. There were no hits in the city.