29 September 2023,   12:01
Biden Admin offers USD 1.7 million to groups to promote family “acceptance” of LGBT youth

The Biden administration will pay the groups USD 425,000 a year for programs that help LGBT youth avoid rejection by their families and connect them to counseling to help accept them, writes dailyfetched.com.

The program would be via the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

The program aims to “prevent health and behavioral health risks” like depression, suicide, homelessness, drug use, and HIV and “promote well-being for LGBTQI+ youth in the context of their families/caregivers, cultures, and communities”, according to the SAMHSA page.

“Research has shown that LGBTQI+ youth are at greater risk for poor behavioral health outcomes than their cisgender, heterosexual counterparts”, - the grant application materials read.

The grant application materials also cite a survey from The Trevor Project. This transgender activist group found that LGBT youth with “high social support” reported fewer suicide attempts than those with “low or moderate social support”.