29 September 2023,   12:19
Georgia’s reaction to the cancellation of visas was surprise to me, looking at it, I thought: have they gone crazy? - Putin

I was surprised by Georgia’s reaction after the cancellation of visas, said today the President of Russia.

“The reaction was a complete surprise to me. I thought everyone would have said: “Thanks, that’s so good”. No, there was a completely incomprehensible uproar. It is very surprising. Looking at it, I thought: have they gone crazy? It is not clear what is happening there.

I made such a decision due to the holiday season and also wanted to support people in Georgia who want normal relations with Russia, as well as to support Russian businesses and citizens who love the neighboring country.

A I have already said, we are taking steps and will continue taking into account how our partners will react to it. Georgia must decide itself how to develop and what path it wants”, - said Vladimir Putin.