27 September 2023,   08:50
27 European ambassadors told you that direct flights to Russia are not European behavior - Paata Manjgaladze to the Georgian Dream

27 European Ambassadors told you that direct flights to Russia are not European behavior. Such a statement made today Paata Manjgaladze, MP from the Strategy Aghmashenebeli, while commenting a demarche by 27 EU countries to the Georgian Government regarding the restoration of direct flights with Russia.

“Demarche by the ambassadors of 27 European countries means an extreme form of protest, it means that communication with the Georgian authorities could not be done in the usual diplomatic way, and 27 European countries, including the Ambassador of Hungary, delivered a demarche to Georgia and the Georgian authorities, which is very serious.

Georgia was not requested to impose sanctions, it simply should not have given permission should to the sanctioned Russian company. When you know that not a single Russian plane lands in Europe and when you bring Asian countries as an example, you have to make a choice whether you want to be part of Asia or Europe”, - said Paata Manjgaladze.