01 October 2023,   23:19
No sign of aid fatigue in Western states - NATO Secretary General

Secretary General of the North Atlantic Alliance, believes that Western states do not show any signs of fatigue over military aid for Ukraine in its war against Russia.

Jens Stoltenberg stated this during an event in Oslo organized by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

According to the NATO Secretary General, the West’s support for Ukraine is only increasing.

“Everyone is on alert for signs of fatigue in our democracies, in NATO countries and partners, in terms of our ability to support. So far, we haven’t seen it”, - said Stoltenberg.

He maintained that there is still “strong cross-party support across NATO allies both in Europe and the US”. Stoltenberg added that despite having “different voices” and opinions on the issue of support for Ukraine, there remains predominantly “political will to stand by Ukraine”.