27 September 2023,   08:00
Consensus on Ukraine’s NATO membership unlikely to be achieved at the Vilnius summit – Macron

NATO countries should work out credible security guarantees for Ukraine in order to include it in the new security architecture, French President said at GLOBSEC’s 2023 Bratislava Forum.

"We provide plenty of weapons to Ukraine, but we have not added it to any strategic security dialogue. If we want to carry weight with Russia, if we want to be credible to the Ukrainians, we must give Ukraine the means to prevent any further aggression and include it in sustainable security architecture.

The issue should be worked out by the NATO summit in Vilnius on July 11-12.

We have to build something between the security provided [by the United States] to Israel and full-fledged membership [in the alliance]”, - said Emmanuel Macron.

However, he stated that a consensus on Ukraine’s NATO membership was unlikely to be achieved at the Vilnius summit.