08 December 2023,   07:38
14 issues of the agenda were discussed at the Government meeting

The Government’s meeting was held today under the chairmanship of Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili.

The Members of the Cabinet of Ministers discussed 14 meeting agenda topics.

Among others, the techno-economic assessment agreement to be signed with the winning companies of the first electricity generation capacity auction-initiated by the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development-was approved. This agreement encompasses six projects, with total capacity: 44 MW, generation: 71 kWh, investment volume: 26.9 million USD.

The first auction within the framework of the new scheme for supporting renewable energy generation and consumption was held in order to use up 300 MW capacity and drew an enormous interest from the private sector: 78 applications were submitted for 943 MW installed capacity.

A total of 27 winning companies were revealed to implement 15 HPP, 2 wind farm, and 10 solar power plant construction projects in Georgia.

After commissioning, these 27 power-generating plants will be able to generate an aggregate of 1,1407 billion kWh for our country every year, while the aggregate investment into these projects will exceed 400 million USD.

Also, another agreement-covering 11 projects with an aggregate capacity of 161 MW, aggregate generation of 661,9 million kWh, and investment volume of 218 million USD-was approved at the meeting.