03 December 2023,   05:12
Our support to Ukraine not only continues, but increases – Borrell

Our support to Ukraine not only continues, but increases. Such a statement the EU’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, made during his visit to Kyiv.

“I understand the interest that everybody has about the recent decision in the American Congress. Well, a couple of days ago, it was another vote, in which the Democrats and part of the Republicans – part, not all, but part of it, voted in favour of allocating €300 million to the Ukrainian forces. So, we believe that we"re on track.

And to tell the truth, we were surprised by the fact that in a last-minute agreement a decision was taken, that we have to regret deeply and thoroughly, and we believe is not the last word. After listening to President Biden, who made a call for the decision to be reconsidered, I have a hope that this will not be a definitive decision, and Ukraine will continue having the support of the US.

From our side, we have not waited for the [US] decision to be taken to increase our propositions to support Ukraine. Well before yesterday, the Commission announced a proposition to the Member States of a Ukrainian fund with €50 billion. And I proposed in Toledo in the last informal meeting [of EU Foreign Ministers in August], I made to my colleagues a proposition to create inside the European Peace Facility a specific fund allocated to Ukraine with up to 20 billion for the next four years.

Well, the discussion continues. The whole thing has to be considered together, but it shows that our support to Ukraine not only continues, but increases, or at least by the time being, the provision on the table shows that we want to continue increasing it. And we hope member states will decide it together with a financial perspective before the end of the year. So, let"s see what"ll be happening in the US but from our side we will continue supporting and increasing our support”, - said Josep Borrell.